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Wealth Management Services

HWA Aspire ($5,000 - $250,000)

  • Free initial consultation
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Automated Investment Management
  • Access to digital retirement planning software (MoneyGuide) 

HWA Wealth (>$250,000)

  • All of HWA Aspire plus:
  • Financial Planning
  • Quarterly Reporting and Performance
  • Customized Investment portfolio
  • Annual in-person review meeting
  • Two dedicated advisors


HWA Financial Group (HWA) helps our clients achieve their financial goals by designing and managing their investment portfolios. Our approach and process for providing investment management is as follows:

  • We meet with each client to discuss and determine their objectives. Once we have clearly defined the investment objectives, we discuss factors affecting the investment plan. The factors are risk tolerance, time horizon, future contributions or withdrawals, current portfolio holdings and etc.
  • Based on the information gathered, we construct a written Investment Policy Statement. The Investment Policy Statement is the guide in managing the client’s assets. The Policy includes investment objectives, risk level, target asset allocation, recommended investments, and tax characteristics of the recommended investments.
  • Once the Investment Policy Statement is agreed to by the client, we implement the Policy by selling any inappropriate current holdings and purchasing the recommended individual securities, mutual funds, individual fixed income products, and other investment products.
  • Changes to the portfolio are made based on changes in a client’s situation or changes in market conditions. We continually evaluate our clients’ portfolios to search for ways to improve performance; however, it is not our intention or desire to actively "trade" a client’s account.
  • Every month, we prepare reports to better inform a client of the investment performance of the portfolio. The reports are an asset allocation report comparing a client’s current investment allocation to our Investment Policy Statement target, a position portfolio analysis which details each individual holding (showing cost basis and gain/loss on each holding), and a comparative performance review that reports portfolio performance for various time periods, as well as market indices returns for the same time periods. We offer to meet with clients at least semi-annually to review the investments.
  • We provide the necessary investment information that any of the client’s other advisors may need, such as cost basis information or asset valuations on a specific date for estate tax purposes.

Fees are based on a percentage of the value of the investments being managed. The fees are billed quarterly based on the value of investments at the end of each calendar quarter. The following fee schedule is provided as an example of the fees that may be charged to clients based on the amount of client assets managed by HWA.  The actual fee charged to each client may be higher or lower than described in the schedule below.

Portfolio Value

Quarterly Percentage Fee

Annual Percentage Fee

First $1,000,000



Next $2,000,000



Next $2,000,000



Amounts over $5,000,000