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Comprehensive Financial Planning

One of HWA Financial Group’s (HWA) basic beliefs is the more effort you put in the beginning, the more rewards you will have in the end. This concept is no more prevalent and important than in the area of financial planning. We have taken this belief to heart and each of our talented staff has spent a significant amount of time expanding their years of experience with formal training in the areas of financial planning.

Among the financial planning services our clients have the opportunity to receive are:

  • Retirement planning
  • Estate and wealth transfer planning
  • Investment strategy 
  • Cash flow and budget planning
  • Life and disability insurance analyses
  • Income tax strategies and forecasting
  • Education savings strategies
  • Debt management

These services can be combined to form a comprehensive financial plan or you can select any one of the topics individually. Such services are typically billed on an hourly basis. Our typical hourly fee is $200 per hour.

The financial planning process typically involves working with your other advisors (e.g., attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, etc.). We take the lead role in developing and implementing a coordinated effort to make sure our recommended strategies are properly executed. If you need an additional advisor, we have developed relationships with some of the most experienced professionals in the area.

We begin the planning process by gathering information about the client’s specific situation in a face-to-face meeting. Based upon the qualitative and quantitative information gathered, we formalize the client’s goals and objectives. From this, we develop techniques to help our clients achieve their objectives. After the plan has been established, we help with implementation and also the long-term monitoring of the client’s objectives.